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Free event - Desktop Provisions and Data Centres, 23 Feb, UEA
Green ICT - Desktop Provisions and Data Centres, University East Anglia, 23 February 2010A one day conference, led by the JISC-funded research work undertaken at UEA, which looks at what the Green ICT projects from phase 2 of the JISC Institutional Innovation programme have achieved to further develop sustainable ICT services in respective insitutions and the future of Sustainable IT Research.

New projects - Green In Silico and Videoconferencing
HEEPI have obtained funding from JISC as part of their Greening ICT programme for two projects exploring different aspects of green IT.

Comparing Carbon Impacts and Cost of Thick and Thin Client Solutions
The final version of our beta tool has been released. Please check the Tools page.

New Techwatch Report on Low Carbon Computing to 2050 in FHE
Available at

New Report on Sustainable ICT Procurement
SusteIT have published a comprehensive guide to sustainable ICT procurement policy, guidance and tools based in part on a workshop held at Nottingham Trent University in summer 2009.