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The Sustainable Desktop? (University of Sheffield)

Tuesday 2nd September 2008
University of Sheffield

Covering the experience and value of auditing IT-related energy consumption at Sheffield; powerdown potential and approaches; grid computing; procurement  of low power PCs, and thin client as an alternative to PCs.

Information Files:
Flier and Programme
Filesize: 526 Kb
P James - Sustainable Desktop Overview
Filesize: 1,712 Kb
C Cartledge - Foortpinting ICT Energy
Filesize: 731 Kb
L Hopkinson - Buying Greener PCs
Filesize: 1,195 Kb
S Redding - Sustainably Buying/Using PCs
Filesize: 334 Kb
J Dean - Greener modelling on greener PC
Filesize: 1,966 Kb
L Nelson - PowerDown
Filesize: 244 Kb
L Nelson - PowerMan
Filesize: 184 Kb
H Noble - Low Carbon ICT Project
Filesize: 353 Kb
G Regan - PC Power Management
Filesize: 1,136 Kb
J Osborne - Desktop grids are they green
Filesize: 8,898 Kb
D Berry - Thin Client Energy Consumption
Filesize: 1,661 Kb
R Earnshaw - Bradford Student Hub
Filesize: 1,646 Kb