About SusteIT

This is now a legacy site for the 2008-9 strategic review of green IT in UK further and higher education which was commissioned by JISC, and conducted by HEEPI. The IT work continues under the SusteIT 'brand' with new JISC-funded HEEPI projects on greening scientific computing and videoconferencing, and involvement in the EAUC energy and carbon improvement initiative in London , Yorkshire and Scotland. See for full details.  

The SusteIT (Sustainable IT in Tertiary Education) initiative reviews the environmental and social impacts of IT in further and higher education, and identifies and disseminates examples of good practice within it.

The SusteIT project reflects the increasing importance of ICT-related energy and environmental issues, in the sector and elsewhere. It is financed by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC -, and managed by a partnership of the Higher Education Environmental Performance Improvement (HEEPI) initiative, based at the University of Bradford, and SustainIT, an independent charity.